Bridge Pins

The first problem is non-standard bridge pin holes that are larger than expected. I ordered standard Taylor style bone and Ebony pins and they’re too skinny. I have some modern Martin style pins and they’re too fat. In the old days, we would just wrap gaffer’s tape around the too skinny pegs enough to keep them from popping out and not worry about the acoustic stuff that we do now. The pins were all plastic then anyway! I should do an A:B comparison when I get this sorted out and use a strip of carbon paper wrapped around the skinny pegs and record how much the sound is “improved” with these magic micro-thin Graphite sheets. Graphite is strong stuff and improves everything doesn’t it? Oh well…I missed my calling as a Snake Oil salesman.

What to do? What to do?

Option 1: Put the Martin pins in my drillpress and sand them down until they fit the holes.

Option 2: Plug the holes in the bridge plate with Maple dowels while the bridge is off and the bridge holes with Ebony dowels, redrill and ream out the holes to fit the Taylor style pins.


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